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Sophisticated Systems Inc. (SSI) is pleased to announce two new partnerships which will strengthen our ability to deliver enhanced security and protection capabilities to our clients. Continue
Columbus, OH., December 8 – Sophisticated Systems, Inc. (SSI) is proud to be a strategic partner to library systems across the state of Ohio and to announce that Licking County Library (LCL) system recently engaged the SSI team to help them implement a very exciting project– the first Envisionware 24-Hour Library in the state! Continue
Columbus, OH., January 1, 2017 – Sophisticated Systems, Inc. (SSI) has launched its enhanced website, (, effective today. The update reflects the improved internal organizational structure and company growth, through a more client-centric set of solution offerings in addition to a strengthened representation of the SSI brand. Continue
Coinciding with a new organizational structure that will
facilitate a more client-centric set of solution offerings and delivery model, Sophisticated Systems,
Inc. (SSI) welcomes the addition of several new members of its leadership team, including the
addition of a new Chief Financial Officer as well as two dedicated Business Development
executives. Continue

Industry Insight

Ransomware. Just the name makes a Systems Admin sweat until they check the status of their backups. According to a study conducted by the Kaspersky Security Network, “the number of Kaspersky users encountering any type of ransomware increased 17.7% over the two years of the study. However, during the same period, the number of users encountering the cryptoware variant increased 5.5 times (from 131,111 instances in 2014-2015 to 718,536 instances in 2014-2016).” Meaning, there is more than one form of cryptoware and it is constantly evolving, creating more susceptibility and vulnerability to attack. The best protection against this new wave of threats is to educate yourself and prepare. Continue
Even though it has become a buzz word phrase in the last several years, the term Managed Service Provider or “MSP” is not a new “thing” at all. The history and evolution of the modern day Managed Service Provider or “MSP” started around the 1990’s with the emergence of Application Service Providers or “ASPs”. This subset of value-add IT providers really helped to lay the foundation for remote IT support. Back then is was primarily around IT infrastructure but today the proliferation of remote IT support is pervasive in just about any piece of technology that is connected to the internet via wired, wireless, or cellular methods. Continue
Exchange is the gold standard for business Email. However, purchasing and maintaining your own Exchange server can be a costly endeavor. Through Office 365, you can get the power of Exchange for a nominal cost and increase your business’ security and functionality exponentially. Continue