Our Company

Founded in 1990 by our CEO Dwight Smith, Sophisticated Systems Inc. (SSI) has been providing technology services and solutions to clients in Central Ohio and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Having evolved through numerous technology transitions during our history, we continually strive to provide our clients with technology capabilities to enable competitive advantages through the application of our solutions and expertise.
SSI’s extensive experience across a variety of industry sectors, combined with our deep technical knowledge and partnering approach to our engagements, forms a strong value proposition for our clients. Additionally, our solutions are customizable to fit your unique business and budgetary needs, oftentimes including the offerings of our select business partners when specific capabilities are required. Our goal is to deliver measurable results to our clients, including cost savings, improved efficiencies, enhanced quality, risk mitigation and piece-of-mind.

Our Core Values

Sophisticated Systems has been built on principles that are deeply woven into our culture and which distinguish us from our competitors. Our values of ethics, integrity, excellence, respect and commitment are the foundation on which SSI was built as well as our compass for the future.

Our goal is success for all stakeholders. Whether client, partner or team member – we understand that doing the right thing and upholding the highest level of professional conduct is paramount in creating mutual success.
Being honorable, straightforward and standing behind what we say earns trust.
People matter. Quality matters. Ideas matter. We strive to foster an environment that promotes employee development, supports innovation and ownership, and ultimately, produces results.

We value people and understand that our collective success is dependent upon our individual success. That is why we develop strategies that sustain long-term profitability and success for all, including a strong commitment to our community. As much as Sophisticated Systems is a technology company, it is also a community company. In our eyes, one does not exist without the other.
Creating success is dependent upon a strong team. We encourage diversity and celebrate the achievements of all.

Our Pillars of Success

In 2015, CEO Dwight Smith unveiled his vision for Sophisticated Systems’ future. This vision, has affectionately come to be known as our Pillars of Success. These pillars, derived from our core values, provide a road map for aligning those values with our aspirations.

Client Satisfaction

Continuous Process Improvement

Employee Satisfaction

Profitable Growth

Community Engagement