Security Solutions

Network Vulnerability Assessments

There are many security assessment tools, and to varying degrees, they each provide a reasonable report of the vulnerabilities that exist within your environment, the true benefit provided in a vulnerability assessment is in the review and validation of the vulnerabilities that are reported. SSI leverages internal expertise and industry partnerships to ensure that risks are understood and verified and that actionable remediation steps are clearly defined.

Penetration Testing

Capitalizing on our internal expertise and partnerships with leaders in Information Security, SSI can perform penetration testing to demonstrate the process and vulnerability of your systems to exploitation. This process includes the analysis of your systems to determine any vulnerabilities, and then, in simulating an attack, the exploitation of them. Our expertise allows us to perform the exploitation to any degree that is comfortable by you, while also taking care not to interrupt production (unless desired, of course). These tests provide tangible credibility to the reported threats that exist, and this information can be used in the process of remediation.

Regulatory Compliance Services & Solutions

Many businesses are subject to various federal, state or industry-specific regulations because of the services that they offer; be it, HIPPA regulations for a Health Care Provider or PCI requirements for Retailers. Regardless, maintaining compliancy is vital to business survival and protection of customer personal data. With experience in dealing with clients and partners in this area, Sophisticated Systems has developed a solid understanding of the needs and intricacies that exist. We’re able to walk you through the process from beginning to end or we can work with our partners to provide certification of compliancy from a technology perspective.

IT Security & Risk Assessments

Security threats increase every day, and statistics show that hackers aren’t only interested in the big, high profile targets. Information security is a concern for businesses, large and small. Whether the need is to protect intellectual property and confidential company data or to maintain regulatory compliance related to data security, it’s vital for organizations to proactively measure risk and assess security. Sophisticated Systems has developed partnerships with nationally recognized information security experts to provide third-party assessments of client risk and potential exposure. These assessments identify potential vulnerabilities, determine anticipated impact, and provide recommendations for solutions that can be put in place to remediate any concerns.

Managed Security Services

As part of SSI’s Managed Services offering, we can provide a suite of Managed Security Services customized to our clients specific needs. This can include anything from managed endpoint protection and proactive vulnerability scans to periodic penetration testing, intrusion detection and prevention, and honeypot solutions. Our engineers will work with your team to determine the depth of services that is right for your business, and then, we’ll put the plan into action, providing your organization with peace-of-mind that you have a proactive and ongoing approach toward protecting your environment.