Cloud Solutions


As technology continues to grow and equipment costs continue to rise, more and more organizations are recognizing the benefits that can come with moving away from traditional on-premise data centers. In addition to potential financial benefits related to cost reduction or capital vs. operating expense, the flexibility of cloud environments can turn barriers into opportunities. Sophisticated Systems has invested in systems and relationships that can be leveraged by our clients for their production, test and/or disaster recovery computing environments. Clients of all sizes can have access to enterprise-class solutions, providing guaranteed uptime and unlimited scalability.

Microsoft Office 365

Without a doubt, Microsoft Office is the default productivity software standard for nearly all of the business world, and because remote access has become increasingly more important, Microsoft’s Office 365 offering provides your team with access to their most important tools from anywhere on nearly any device. Whether your only concerned with increased reliability for email or you want to take advantage of the full capabilities of Sharepoint, SSI’s engineers can help get you there. Our partnership with Microsoft and specific certifications with Office 365 enable us to guide your decision making and execute a smooth transition to this Microsoft cloud offering.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Everyone knows that data loss can cripple an organization, and statistics show that many businesses never fully recover from a disaster because of this. With the proliferation of cloud-based storage, it’s never been easier to protect against both localized disasters (like a server crash) and more catastrophic disasters (like a building fire). SSI’s engineers can design, implement and manage backup solutions that provide clients with data retention on-premise and in the cloud. Additionally, these solutions go beyond simply backing up your data. They can also serve as built-in Disaster Recovery tools, enabling your organization to spin up your servers/data on localized appliances or in a cloud environment.

Hosted Telephony

As on-premise infrastructure continues to decrease, organizations are increasingly trading out their antiquated phone systems with cloud-based telephony solutions. In addition, to simply replacing costly equipment in the data center, these solutions provide clients with access to a variety of productivity increasing features, and because these solutions provide phone system access from anywhere, these solutions can help to mobilize your workforce. Whether you have a call center environment with needs for call recording and other similar features, or just a small office of professionals on the go, hosted telephony solutions could be the missing piece to your organization’s puzzle.

Cloud File Sharing Solutions

File access from anywhere, on nearly any device, is the key to providing users with freedom to work remotely. This access helps to make your staff more productive and efficient. Sophisticated Systems has been helping clients of all sizes and in all industries determine the best solution for remote file access, and we’ve developed partnerships with leading cloud providers to deliver these solutions. Cloud file sharing options not only provide remote access to files, but they can also make your team more efficient through real-time collaboration.