Product Procurement & Deployment

Asset Inventory Discovery & Management

Your IT assets are critical to your business. Knowing what they are, where they are, and how they’re used helps to protect and maximize your technology investments. When a problem occurs, detailed system information (like warranty details, serial number, service tag information, etc.) can allow for faster and/or less expensive repairs or informed decision making regarding alternatives. Using our tools and/or recommending tools specific to your needs, SSI can help to discover, organize and manage asset information, providing greater control and accounting of your IT equipment.

Technology Equipment Procurement

As a longtime partner of all of the most prominent brands in technology, SSI provides our clients with access to best-of-breed equipment and solutions. We can assist in determining the best technology fit for your needs, and we can handle the procurement from start to finish. For over 25 years, we’ve been assisting clients with purchasing everything from a single server to thousands of PC’s, from quote to product delivery.

Software Licensing & Maintenance

As an extension of our partnerships with all of the leading software manufacturers, Sophisticated Systems is able to provide our clients with access to the various licensing and manufacturer support/maintenance agreements that help keep their systems running. Ranging from the most well-known brands, like Microsoft, to more niche solutions, our access to the right vendors and distribution channels ensures that we can provide our clients with what they need, when they need it.

Technology Equipment Recycling & Disposal Services

Disposing of equipment can be much more complex than it sounds. Because of the various materials that are used to create systems, equipment often times must be recycled or disposed of through particular channels. Also, with a focus on being environmentally friendly, SSI has developed partnerships with organizations that strive for a zero-landfill policy. Also, when disposing of equipment for our clients, we help to ensure that data is properly and fully wiped and/or destroyed, protecting our clients and their customers.

Technology Deployments

For over a decade, Sophisticated Systems has been managing ongoing technology deployments for organizations of all sizes. For some companies that simply don’t have the staff to handle periodic deployment efforts, SSI can bring our team in to ensure that everything is procured, imaged and deployed efficiently and effectively. For large organizations with a full IT staff, SSI can handle equipment lifecycle management and refresh cycles, enabling the internal IT team to focus on managing the day-to-day needs of the organization. Our experienced team and proven processes enable us to help plan and execute all deployment related needs, including all purchasing, imaging, tracking, deployment and recycling.

Configuration Management

As a part of a Managed Service plan or as a stand-alone project, SSI can help to organize and manage your various system configurations to ensure consistency throughout your environment. Additionally, proper management of your configurations can ensure effective and smoother changes within your environment in the future.