Technology Solutions

Network Design/Planning/Implementation

SSI’s Network Engineers have experience across a variety of platforms. With proven expertise, and a reference list to back it, our focus is to create a network that supports your business for the present and the future. Environment size is not an issue. We scale to meet your needs, customizing design plans with best practices in mind. Expert design, planning and implementation equate to a network that is solid, secure and easily maintained.

Virtualization Solutions

Having partnerships with the three primary virtualization platform vendors, SSI is well positioned to provide best-in-class virtualization recommendations and expertise. With significant experience designing, implementing and managing virtualized server and desktop environments for our clients, we are prepared to leverage virtualization technology within your environment so that you can reap the immediate and future benefits that it can provide.

Data & Systems Backup Solutions

Although it’s something that you hope you’ll never need, a solid backup system is critical to your business. The true value of a good backup is never realized until there’s a problem, and that’s a bad time to realize that what you have in place isn’t sufficient. We’ve worked with many clients to develop a good backup strategy and system design, and we’ve also helped clients in times of emergency when their production system has a problem. This experience has helped us to refine our recommendations and to help consider all options and scenarios when designing a reliable backup solution.

Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless networks are a convenient way to extend your network beyond the entanglements of static locations, while also allowing for customers or guests to have internet access while visiting. Without special attention to design and security, these networks are inherently less secure than their wired counterparts. Based on the expertise of our engineers and best-in-class industry partnerships, SSI is well versed in wireless networking; designing these networks in the most efficient and secure manner. We can provide you with all of the benefits of a wireless network while avoiding some of the common pitfalls that can exist. Whether designing from scratch or securing an existing network, our experience and knowledge ensure that convenience doesn’t compromise the security of your data.

Network Storage Solutions

As a foundation for virtualized environments, we have developed a deep understanding of storage solutions and their impact on our client’s objectives, goals, and future applicability. SSI has committed significant time and resources into developing relationships with leading storage vendors, providing our clients with access to best-of-breed solutions.

Data Center and Colocation Solutions

We understand that the public cloud and/or on-premise infrastructure aren’t a fit for all businesses, so we’ve developed deep relationships with well-established and industry leading data center partners. Through these partnerships, we can extend various data center based solutions, including colocation capabilities, to our clients.