Diversity and Inclusion: Addressing Significant Challenges with Meaningful Solutions

publish date is September 9th, 2020
By: Jim Lizotte, VP, Strategy & Strategic Initiatives

As a community and as a nation we are living in challenging times, with the impact of COVID-19 and the struggles associated with healing social inequality. Our success in addressing these challenges will ultimately define our collective future. I believe that our nation’s future holds great promise and that by embracing new ideas and more importantly embracing and respecting one another we can accomplish more than we ever imagined.

I have always believed that our nation’s diversity is a tremendous strength. Many of us have been involved, in recent months, in conversations regarding diversity and inclusion. There is a sense of sincerity and openness in these discussions and a real sense of commitment to change and solutions that will bring about equality for all people.

As it relates to Diversity and Inclusion, there have been discussions regarding expanding opportunities to partner with minority owned firms. I have been blessed to lead Sophisticated Systems for thirty years. SSI has established a strong reputation for supporting our clients and our community. Our company has not focused on being a minority owned company (although we are proud to be) but simply a company focused on developing strong partnerships, supporting our clients, and developing a team of talented employees.

SSI is extending the following offer to both new and existing clients effective immediately.
For all new business closed by our company prior to December 31st, SSI will donate to local non-profits focused on addressing social injustice a defined percentage of the gross margin on any sales of hardware, software, and services. It is our goal to make significant financial contributions to support this cause and also provide an opportunity for your firm to establish or enhance its partnership with a high quality, locally owned minority firm committed to excellence in performance and doing good for others.

I believe that as a result of this offer our company will increase its ability to deliver more services to our clients, employ more people and give back to our community. SSI has a history of giving back to support our community. We hope that you find this offer to be an exciting one.

Note — For your information, our capabilities include managed IT services, hardware and software reselling, IT staffing, deployment services and technology consulting services. We are certified partners with major companies such as Microsoft, Dell, CDW, and many others. For additional information or to speak with a member of my team, please call 614.203.4667 or email Jim Lizotte - jlizotte@ssicom.com.

Thank you, in advance for this consideration. Together, we are making real strives for positive changes — we can and shall do even more. Thank you very much.


Dwight Smith
CEO - Honored to serve
Sophisticated Systems
James W Lizotte
Vice President, Strategy & Strategic Initiatives
Sophisticated Systems